We went back to high rep work and it kicked my ass hard
Still feel the burn and my legs are wobbly
Even tho I went to high rep again, all the weights went up by at least 30% from my starting point 6 weeks ago
Going up and down the stairs has to be done carefully
3 or 4 weeks of this until it doesn't hit me like this then back to high weight low rep
Probably go to a more body zone workout
Rotate thru the week each body part to failure

I take my pictures this weekend and I expect to see the improvement too
Tightened up my belt yesterday walking around
Had to or lose my pants

Now to one of the reasons I am flying right now

I said Monday that improvement wasn't my goal
That doing the right thing was
That doing it because it was the right thing was my goal

With all that being said
On GO repeat after me "FRAK YES"
3..2..1..GO "FRAK YES"

Took measurements this morning at the gym after working out
Lost some weight (not posting because I don't care about that number, it is just used to figure body fat)
My body fat, while still high, dropped 2% in 6 weeks
While not my ultimate goal, losing fat, it is a reason I workout, so I can be healthier and live my life more fully

Another reason I am flying
I get to meet someone, in person, tomorrow
Someone that I have been talking to online
Someone that I like, a lot

So yes, I am going to feel good about my victories
Yes, I am going to enjoy my improvements
Yes, I am going to find joy in meeting someone new and special

Yes, I am going to celebrate all of this because I deserve it and I am worth it

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