Had a good talk with Elsolel
Went over things that are better for me to eat
She thinks that it would work well for her to help with it
She feels like she was enabling me in doing bad things
Those were still my choices tho so it is on me too

She came down to visit this week and brought stuff for supper
Kept some of the things I mentioned in mind so it was good
We are going to work on being better for meals
Not going out as much
If we go out Sat evening, like with the kids, we won't go out on Sunday or vice versa

Legs feel fried from workout Monday
Wednesday workout was primarily arms and abs
Friday, tomorrow, will be burpees and ab work
Hopefully after a couple weeks of doing HIIT leg work my legs will start feeling better

I got the P90X program from a friend that can't do it
His knees just won't let him do it
I am hoping that when my gym gets done with its improvement project there will be space to do it
From what I understand, they will have a monitor and DVD set up that we are supposed to be able to use
If all goes according to the plan I was told about anyway

1 week from today I will be in the late 1800s doing my black smithing for demo
I won't have as much product made as I hoped but I will have a good new set up
I will have a bench set up that has my anvil on one said and a vise on the other
I have a lot of stock this year so figure I will be doing stuff while I am there
Lots of S Hooks for sure
Have to build some sort of stock holder/frame device to hold all the stock off the ground and better organized
Looking forward the the long weekend


Recovery & Discovery

 Finished the Rugged Maniac

I did not skip any obstacle
Crawling thru the mud
Fire Jump
(burn ban so this was all they could do)
I was passed on multiple obstacles
Some were skipping it and some just did it faster
Of all the people that did it and got a time I took the longest
I have mixed feelings about it
I am not happy that it took so long or that it kicked my butt so badly
I am proud of myself that I proved that a fat 47 year old Marine could still do it
It took me time but I beat the course
Next year I do better


I did learn some things from the event
Things I need to change in my training
My legs got absolutely fried from the hills
I had issues catching my breath and had to pause on hills when my legs were giving out
I have decided to do more HIIT training
I need to really work on endurance
I think it will help fat loss in the long run also
I have been watching the Crossfit Games and plan on doing more searching on their site
My gym doesn't have the right set up to really do full cross fit workouts but I can definitely convert some of them

This morning was something like a thruster, pull downs and toes to trx for time
21/15/9 reps, used dumb bells for the thruesters
Pulldowns instead of pull ups since I can't do those and the assist machine was being used
Can't do full hanging toe to bar so was doing the TRX version by laying on my back and bringing my tows overhead to the TRX (this actually gets me past my head)
Kept track of the time since I am figure I will be improving over time

Now to get my diet under control
Curb cravings
Get better control over impulse eating
Make and plan out meals so I have stuff there when I need it
Cook and save stuff for work
Work out meals that are better and healthier

Heading to my last outdoor event in a week and a half
2 days of doing kid demos then 2 days of public days
Blacksmithing for the fun of it
Have to redo my demo spiel a bit

Spent a couple hours with Elsolel going thry my closet
Any shirt that had a stain, was too short or too small was put in a bin
She took them and will go thru them herself
We didn't think of it before but she might be able to use some for work
At least back up shirts



T-shirt done
Didn't come out as well as I would have liked but then again it is going into a mud run
I have been asked, I am doing the Rugged Maniac
Here is what they will look like

I have to leave early Saturday to get there
Friday I need to drive up to Blaine to get my racers packet
I could wait until Saturday but really don't want to stand in that line before race
Taking up water to wash off after the run (walk really)
Need to make sure to have some food since I am not really sure of what I will find

Got my forge up and running last weekend
Made up a few things to test how everything worked
Worked with friend and showed him some basics
Neighbor came over and asked if I would do demos for some Girl Scouts and possibly some Boy Scouts
Might even be able to arrange more demos
Have to see if I can get some pay to at least cover expenses or just have them provide supplies

Going down to Big Island in October
Not sure what I will be doing for sure yet but do plan on blacksmithing

I have found that when I blacksmith and make things I feel better about myself
I am thinking that by doing stuff during the winter it will help me thru
Making stuff I can sell could also be nice for a little extra cash

I have never been able to keep going on any program of eating, working out or even cleaning
I started this out at the beginning of the year
I have managed to keep the workouts going fairly well
Missed a few here and there but have been good

Where I am having issues is food and cleaning
I make good progress for a while then motivation falls off
I wish I knew why
I really do
I need to get more done for cleaning the house
I need to get more on track with my eating
I was really good for months and started making very visible changes then just lost it
I could see progress but just lost motivation
I get frustrated when I do stupid stuff
When I get frustrated I lose more motivation

I need to get better about just doing small things to make progress
Fold laundry while watching TV
Go thru small stacks of stuff when I have spare time instead of playing a game
Take the time to keep areas already cleaned in good shape
Make plans for meals instead of trying to figure stuff out at the last minute



FRAK I feel scared now
That mud run scares me

I keep thinking I want to make a t-shirt
Made up my designs


I have added running to workout
Walk and jog alternating
My left leg is really feeling it
I have to do more stretching
Left calf/achilles really feels tight
Left hamstring feels really tight
Cramps up tight every once in a while

Lifting going well
Alternating every couple of weeks
3x6 or 4x12/15
Added more ab workout and twisting movements

Diet has sucked
Just haven't had the drive to do what I need to do
Taking short cuts
Frustrated with myself
Circling the toilet of emotion
Do something wrong then feel bad and don't care

Finally got my propane forge
Going over to a friends place to do some pounding
Think that is going to really feel good
I usually feel a lot better after making stuff