My Reality Don't Compare

Follow up from this morning's post
Forgot to mention
While I was in the room to do my Bod Pod there was a guy in a wheel chair
I could see at least a 12" scar running down the back of his head and neck and under his t-shirt
He was limited to using basically his left arm/hand for most things

I may have had to deal with negative feelings
I may have wondered why I was doing all the things I was doing and dealing with DOMS and fatigue
I may have wondered if I was ever going to gain the upper hand against my body
I may have wondered if I would ever succeed

I had to deal with those feelings
Those were MY feelings and emotions
I felt like crap
I am human

But, never, did I ever truly contemplate quitting
As much as I was dealing with feelings that my life sucked

I am not stuck in a wheel chair or on prosthetics or blind or truly dealing with shell shock/battle fatigue/combat stress (PTSD now)
I am able to work to remove the years of buildup of fat in my system
I am able to get up, move, and improve my life

Lots of sayings out there about trails, journeys, destinations, goals and "sis boom bah"
Lots of motivational sayings you can get on posters, plaques and ribbons
The one right now I am thinking is "You are never defeated until you quit"

I have this one I did that sits at my desk
Need to get it done up nicer so I can frame it but

I Will Make Choices
I Will Forgive Myself
I Will Make Decisions
I Deserve Good Things
I Will Always Be Mindful
I Am As Good As I Think I Am

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