Ups & Downs

Last week was a tough week mentally
Had a lot of issues to work thru

I mentioned that I was talking to a girl last week (gasp)
I am still talking to her
It is amazing what talking to someone can do for you
She was surprised that she rated a mention
After talking to her for a while I am glad to mention her :)

Friday I went to see my counselor
He reads my blog
He asked a question that I tossed a knee jerk response to
Didn't think about it but just spouted it out because it was the "right answer"

The question he asked was "What will you do if your pictures don't show any improvement?"
He had seen that I was worrying about it
My immediate response was that I would just look at my performance improvement and be satisfied

The question kept percolating in my brain over the weekend
The answer wasn't satisfactory for me for some reason
I couldn't figure out why

This morning while I was working out I had an epiphany

What will I do if my pictures don't show improvement?
Will I quit?
Will I toss in the towel?
Will I give up?

I know I won't
So if I won't quit or give up, why am I worrying?
What I will need to do, is to look at what I am doing and see if there is something I can change

My initial answer was legitimate in a way but totally way off in others
My performance, body shape and blood work are all measurements but they aren't the true goal
Doing the right thing for myself is my improvement, not the measurements
Doing the right thing for myself is my goal

So, no, I will no longer be worrying about whether or not my pictures show any major improvements
I will no longer be worrying about whether or not I improve my workout or not each week
I will no longer be worrying about improving my blood work measures but will do what I can to make changes to improve them to be healthy

I will keep doing the right things for me because they are the right things to do

My goal is to do the right thing because it is the right thing, not just to improve some measurement

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