Long Time

Making major improvements in the house
I have the dining room fixed up
Furniture from my dad's in there
Have the sewing room ready to use
Just have to clean out the sewing machines from disuse and dust
Shout out to Elsolel for all the help and support

Biggest Loser was an awesome show
In my opinion, it went down hill in the last couple seasons
But in the mean time, it set some extremely distorted expectations for weight loss
I know that it took me years to get where I was/am at
I know that it will take me a long time to get better
It can just be frustrating when it goes so slow

Added some exercises to my workout
Feeling some good DOMS
Will talk to trainer tomorrow
Discuss where we will take my training

Trying to figure out why I am having problem getting full focus again
It seems like that hot fire has lowered intensity
But I keep plugging on

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