Sleep Is A Good Thing

So, in less than 3 weeks, I managed to get in to the sleep doctor, get my sleep study done, get back in for results to be read, and get my C-Pap.

From what I understand, this is fairly fast.

I got it home last night, should have registered online but didn't.
I got a program where it will upload the data to the cloud.
It will make it make it easier for the doctors to help manage my machine and follow up.
I still need to get a SD card for it to have a hard copy locally.

So far, I am happy with my choice of device and mask.
I seemed to be able to sleep last night and it didn't bother Elsolel.
She did have to put a blanket over her shoulders since the exit hole put a stream of air onto it.

I have to check about temperature of the air.
I seemed to be warm last night and it could be that the temperature had been set to 80ยบ as the default.
I know lowering the temperature will be ok but at a certain point, it will cause condensation in the tube and that is bad.

I am, however, disappointed in the fact that I am not able to use the MyAir app on my android device like I was told.

I am, also, unable to register my insurance on the resupply website.

Still not doing as much physically as I would want.
I will be glad when the weather eases up and I don't have to worry about locking Lennon outside.
I had to leave him for a bit on Friday and he trashed some stuff inside.

Insurance changed.
They changed my insulin test strips from One Touch to Contour Comfort Strips.
Will finish using my other strips and work the new ones in.
I just have to worry about them expiring before I can get to them.

Speaking of insurance, I managed to meet my annual out of pocket of $3500 by Jan 31.
I reordered pump supplies, refilled 5 meds, and had a couple appointments.
One of the biggest reasons for me going thru with the weight loss surgery is to reduce my medical costs.
I could always use the VA but I prefer to use outside resources as long as I can.

My second appointment went well for my weight loss surgery.
I have been working on logging food on a regular basis.
The struggle is real for keeping up the daily logging.

I also need to work on better planning my food so I can shop for food more effectively.
I also need to work on better portion control.
Logging is helping with that as I need to think about portions.
I did get a small food scale to help with portions.

I am asking for your support for my annual fund raiser.
I have chose Team Rubicon for this year.


Year Long Fundraiser

One Fat Guys Journey to Health Year Long Fundraiser

This is my year of health.
I did a sleep study and found out I have severe sleep apnea and need a C-Pap.
I am pursuing weight loss surgery and anticipate doing it mid summer.
I will be getting 1 dental post and an appliance for my back lower teeth so I can eat and chew better.
I will be finishing up the rest of my dental work.
I will be getting back into my rucking as my energy and temps get better.
I have a doctor appointment to talk to my primary care physician about my med/vitamin interaction.

I usually only do 1 fundraiser a year.
I don't like to split attention or confuse donations between groups.

This year I am going to support Team Rubicon.
Last year, they came to the forefront for their work for Hurricane Harvey & Irma, Pacific Northwest fires, & 60 others.

As an example Team Rubicon had 2155 volunteers & 120810 hours of worked for just Hurricane Harvey.
They saved people $3.3M in rescue and recovery operations.

I have signed up to start training with Team Rubicon.
I will see what I can do to help them for operations after training.
Even if it is just doing phone support.

I am going to keep this fundraiser going all year and want to raise $1200 for them.
What the money can do:
$1000 Outfit a strike team
$500  Help train a Heavy Equipment Operator
$300  Help muck-out a flooded home
$100  Deploy a volunteer to a disaster zone

I would really appreciate your help.
Please check out my fundraising page.


I Still Need Sleep

So the study went well as far as they figured out what is going on.

When I go into REM sleep, my oxygen saturation goes down to 60%.
It should be mid 90s.
At 60%, you would be acting impaired, confused, and have serious functional issues.
With sleep apnea, you start breathing again so your oxygen levels come back up quickly.
Repeated lows tho can cause long term and regular issues.

Sleep apnea is considered a serious medical condition. Complications may include:

  • Daytime fatigue. 
  • You may have difficulty concentrating and find yourself falling asleep at work, while watching TV or even when driving. 
  • You may also feel quick tempered, moody or depressed. 
  • High blood pressure or heart problems. 
  • Obstructive sleep apnea may increase the risk of recurrent heart attack, and abnormal heartbeats, such as atrial fibrillation. 
  • Type 2 diabetes. 
  • Metabolic syndrome. 
  • Complications with medications and surgery. 
  • Liver problems. 
  • Sleep-deprived partners. 

The good news is that I should get a machine in a couple weeks.
Once I am using it, it will take a bit to get used to, but once I do, I should start feeling a lot better.
I am hoping it will help with keeping up around the house, working out, insulin resistance, and eventually losing weight.

Some resources if you have any of the above symptoms.
I referenced several of the sites with info in this blog.






Who Needs Sleep???

Turns out I do.

So a lot has happened since 20171222.

I wasn't as good at logging my food as I should have been.
I did get 4 days but need to get better.
Told Elsolel to bug me about it.
She wants to log too, so maybe between us we can do more.

I am currently doing a sleep study.
I went in for a consult and the doctor said he was fairly sure I have severe sleep apnea.
When I went in to make my appointment, they were going to put my in mid to late February.
Then she asked if I could do it tonight.
I called the vet and they could watch Lennon so I am doing it now.
This means I could get help weeks sooner.
The white thing hangs on the headboard.

I hope so.
I have been feeling so drained and tired.
Lack of motivation is a symptom.
If I do get a C-Pap and it does what they say it can for me, it will make a huge difference.
I will have more motivation to do stuff around the house, workout, and in general, just more.
And I won't feel like falling asleep all the time.

More later once this is done.


Last Post of 2017??

It has been months since I posted.

I think I kind of gave up due to all the knee issues and gaining weight again.
Frustrations with my dog now, since he gets anxiety when left alone and he starts trashing the house if I leave him makes it harder to get to the gym since I have to lock him outside. This makes it even harder during the winter due to cold.

Stuff around the house has suffered.
It is hard to get motivated again to do anything from keeping kitchen clean to making more progress on getting the house organized.
Paulette has helped me manage but I have been seriously lacking.

I did make the decision to move forward with the weight loss surgery and regret not starting it sooner.

Went in to the doctor to do first of 6 sessions for doing weight loss surgery.

Since I have Blue Cross and they have a 1 time a lifetime policy, the doctor is recommending we go with the most aggressive of the surgeries, the Duodenal switch.

The surgery is an extreme metabolic surgery. I have become so insulin resistant that it is becoming a vicious circle for trying to lose weight. I use U-500. This is 5 times more concentrated than the normal insulin most diabetics take. I go thru my pump cartridge in 3-4 days. Taking the tube into account that means I go thru 150 units of U-500. This is the same as a normal diabetic using 750 units. If a non-diabetic took this amount, it could kill or permanently brain damage them. My body is so FRAKKED UP that I am basically having to take enough insulin to kill a normal person just to stay alive and mostly healthy.

I have to meet with dietician 5 more times and a psychologist 1 time before the main requirements are met.

Then I get to schedule it.

I don't have to lose any weight before the surgery but I can't gain any. Since I am at my absolute highest in my life, I know I need to do something. Today I weighed 374 lbs in shorts and tennis shoes.

At this point, It is going to right around my 2 Ultras, so either we do it early enough before those, or I will do the surgery right after, sometime late June or early July I would hope. Due to scheduling it might to a bit later than that. I guess we will see.

In the mean time, I have to work on diet stuff, since after the surgery, I have to have that on point.
First 3 tasks
1. Read the book they gave me with a bunch of information about the surgery.
2. Work on trying to have at least 100gm of protein a day and be careful of too many carbs. (Paleoish/Ketoish).
3. I need to journal at least 5 days of foods later in the month once I get the protein intake going.

My own first task is to journal on my blog again to follow this journey since I kind of gave up on it and haven't posted in 8 months.


Well This Sucks

After my "UnFitness" test I did on the 8th, I was experiencing a lot of pain in my knee.
I went in to the doctor last week and got a referral to PT.
Went in this morning.

Initial diagnosis, medial meniscus bruise or tear.
They are going to contact my doctor and an ortho specialist.

Most of the pain is probably from fluid build up due to the injury.
So, I can still walk, which is good since I need to get ready for my 2 Ultras in June.

I need to do more movement during the day while sitting at my desk.
I also need to do more stairs during the day to work the knee more.

I am fighting some serious frustration with this.
I need to lose weight/fat to be healthier.
I don't do well losing with just diet, my system tends to adapt quick to scarcity and I stop losing fairly quickly.
I need to workout to lose.
So frustrating to have progress then have to deal with injury.

I don't have any major walks planned before my June Ultras.
I will be pushing a vet in a wheel chair on the 20th of May but that is it.
I might or might not do the Memorial Ruck on Memorial weekend.
Worst case is I just go to it but don't ruck since they do go at a faster pace than I normally do, will see how I feel then.
That gives me 5 1/2 weeks before the FANS event then 3 weeks to the Eagle Up Ultra.
I have zero plans on letting this prevent me from doign my events.

I was a bit disappointed for my April Buddy Check.
I was only able to make it 2 of the 4 loops.
Between lack of training over the winter and my knee being tender I decided to call it.
Made about 7 miles.
Just depends on which device/app I used.
7.4 miles according to Garmin, 6.97 according to Map My Walk, and 7.12 according to my FitBit, and 6.9 according to RoadID eCrumb.

Status of my 5 week challenge 20170408 - 20170513

1. Clean/clean out the entire house.
- Not a lot of progress but doing better about not letting stuff build up.
2. Go shopping for GOOD food.
- I have been doing very well on shopping but need to restock today or tomorrow.
3. Go to bed early, get up early, and get going early.
- Still working on shifting to early to be early to rise but it is moving that way.
4. Get exercise.
- I have done some but not as much as I need to.
5. Do it for 5 weeks.
- 1/2 way thru
6. Track progress.
- Never built a tracker so not much there.
7. Report Progress.
- This is my first one unfortunately.

Some cool news.
I will be organizing the Carry the Fallen Ruck in White Bear Lake this year.
The previous organizer is living out of the state now so I will be taking over for her.
I really hope I do as well as she has done.

Event Progress on my 1000 Mile Challenge (2017)
Total: 209.31 miles
Percent of Event Complete: 31.23% (Day 114/365)
300 Mile Goal Goal: 69.77% (Avg 0.36 / Day to Complete)
700 Mile Goal Goal: 29.90% (Avg 1.95 / Day to Complete, 9.32 to Catch Up)
1000 Mile Goal Goal: 20.93% (Avg 3.15 / Day to Complete, 103.02 to Catch Up)

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✓ Aloha Friday 5k Challenge 20170127 -- https://www.virtualpaceseries.com/portfolio-item/1260/
✓ Remember the Fallen 10k 20170128 -- https://www.virtualstrides.com/product/remember-the-fallen/ (virtual with my brother)
✓ Boots for the 20 3-7 20170410 -- https://www.facebook.com/events/1732853540367687/
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Help the Old Glory 5k 20170520 -- https://www.facebook.com/events/1366283856747995/
Memorial Ruck 20170529 -- https://www.facebook.com/events/165352123940239/
FANS 24 Hour Ultra 20170603 -- http://www.fans24hour.org/
Bubble Run 5k Fun Run 20170611 -- http://bubblerun.com/upcoming-locations/minneapolis-mn-2017/
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Carry the Fallen Ruck 20170909 -- https://www.facebook.com/events/194705577712578/
Buddy Check 22K Oct 2017 20171022 -- https://www.facebook.com/events/802538279849057/



UnFitness Test

So I did my Fitness test today.

After doing it, felt more like UnFitness test.
Between not doing as much as I should have over the winter and still in recovery from my blood loss 3 weeks ago, I was NOT in good shape.

The initial walk wasn't too bad but then when I got to the body weight stuff, it all fell apart.
With my pack on, I couldn't even complete 1 proper push up.
Finally got back to the 2nd mile walk and couldn't go nearly as fast.

So the results of the test.

Test criteria:
1 mile at best pace
20 squats
20 push ups
20 lunges
20 leg lifts holding pack above your head
1 mile at best pace

349.2 lbs weight in all my gear without pack.
372.8 lbs weight with all gear and pack on.
23.6 lbs weight of pack

Non Rx:
Bench push ups
10 lunges each leg for 20
Leg lifts from bench versus floor.

22:49 for first mile.
30:07 for the body weight stuff and transition between
24:19 for last mile.
01:17:15 total for entire test.

Next test 20170513

I will have to concentrate on body weight stuff, mostly chest.
Push ups math coming up.
It seems about 65% of your weight is being pushed during a pushup.
When you wear a pack directly over your shoulders, that adds almost directly to the total.
349.2 lbs * 65% = 227 lbs
Add to that the weight of my pack and I am near 250 lbs.
I can not do a 250 lb bench press.

So, next test will have pack at about the same weight for consistency sake.
2 things will help me next test.
1 if I weigh less, it will mean less to lift on the push ups.
2 if I work on my chest press, I will get stronger.

I have 9 weeks to my scheduled GoRuck.
I am thinking of pushing it off to a later event.
What are your opinions on these?

I have 4 that I am looking at:
Mogadishu Mile
Commemorate the battle in Somalia that inspired Black Hawk Down. This event honors the men of Task Force Ranger – their courage and sacrifice on October 4, 1993. Expect a history lesson and a timeline re-enactment of the mission itself. If you don’t know what the Mog Mile is, you will soon.

Zombie Apocalypse
Life is hard, it will be harder when the zombies show up. This event will get you ready not only to fight off the undead but teach you to thrive in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Veterans Day
Veterans Day is the occasion to honor those who signed a blank check to America. There is no better way to say “Thank You for your Service” than rucking around your city and thanking a Vet. Cadre and Ruckers are expected to bring a picture and bio of someone who served. Cadre will provide the opportunity for you to tell their story and honor those who have served.

Gold Star
The Gold Star signifies a family's pride in their loved one's sacrifice rather than the mourning of their personal loss. If you or anyone you know is a Gold Star family member and would like to register for FREE please email: info@rtfoundationnj.org. Please include your information as well as a brief bio of your fallen solider. You will be asked to bring a laminated picture of your loved one to pin to your ruck. We will be honoring the fallen at the end of the event where you will also receive your completion patch. GORUCK hopes to bring Gold Star family members and some knowledge of what their loved one endured during their military training so come prepared for a 5+ hour team building event. This will be a wonderful way to honor and remember our fallen as September 25th this year is Gold Star Mother and Family Member Day.

The Gold Star one will take either driving or a flight ($250) to Denver.

Advantages and disadvantages to each.
Mog Mile is very difficult but it is in a location where I know others that might be doing it.
This will probably be 2 weeks after my Carry the Fallen

Zombie Apocalypse is tough but supposed to be a lot of fun.
I have nothing around this one and is currently my first choice due to other stuff but is the least "significant" to some of the other stuff I do.

Veterans Day is special in and of itself for what it represents but is getting late in the season for travel.
As a veteran, this is a very special day for me and being able to do it on Veterans Day will be awesome. Just have to hope I could travel to Des Moines in November.

Gold Star is very special but will require a long distance travel.
I do a lot of work for veterans with PTSD and suicide prevention, that to help support families that have lost someone during their service to our country.

I have to make my change by the end of May so I have time to decide.
If I want to do more than 1 of these, I have to pay for them.