One of my worst workouts today
Weights that I handled fine last week kicked my ass today
Felt like nothing in the tank
Weak and tired

Talking to my trainer during the workout
He said I was busting ass but we were having to scale down from what he was expecting me to lift
Told him that I feel like I am constantly walking around with low level muscle fatigue and muscle soreness/tightness
I like that feeling in a way since it means that I am pushing myself and my body is always in recovery mode
But it also means I need to make some changes and make sure I am doing what I know I need to be doing

Made me think about these questions
What do you do when you have a bad workout?
Do you scale or quit?
Do you cry and complain or do you keep going (or both ;-P)
Do you just blow it off and figure it will be ok next time or do you examine what you are doing and see if there is a reason for it?

I scaled the workout, kept going, bitched a bit and then I thought about it and examined what I have been doing
This is what I came up with

I need to stretch more
I need to make sure that I take time every day to warm up some and stretch out

I need to concentrate types of workouts
I need to concentrate pushes, pulls and legs with the level I am doing now
When I started I could do whole body but not any more
I have stepped up and am training more like an athlete
I wasn't thinking about today when I did my workout Monday
I did triceps pushdowns and cable cross-overs on Monday
I knew today was supposed to be concentrating on chest pushes
Wasn't thinking about my training at a higher level
I need to think out what I am doing and plan for it in advance
I burned out part of my chest on Monday and paid for it today
I need to think ahead and treat myself like an athlete and plan to train like one
Lesson learned

I need to get back to conscientious eating
I have to get better about not eating the exceptions
Exceptions that happen too often become habits
I need to plan out and execute meals the way I was before
I have gotten complacent with my meals and taking shortcuts and not eating whole meals but quick fix meals
Nothing really bad but not full meals
Each meal needs to include protein, fat and carbs
Plate of meat is not a good meal for the long run
My meals need to be fuel for my body
They need to be complete and even more so taste good so I ENJOY them

I am very much enjoying my time with the woman I started dating
As much as I enjoy time together, I need to make sure to balance that with taking care of myself
I can't take the hit by staying up late then expect to have a good workout
I have to sleep to recover
I know she agrees and wants the best for me
I know I want the best for her and each of us at our best is that
I just enjoy the time talking and learning about her that I don't want to go away and leave her
I know a better me makes a better us
It is all about the balance

Tomorrow is my 3 month blood work check with endo
I am excited to see the changes since I started really putting in the effort mid-March

Tomorrow I get to be put in a bodpod
Got my body fat by one of those Omron hand held devices today
We did it as both normal and athlete
Will compare those numbers to what the bodpod says tomorrow to see which of those settings is more accurate
I will post numbers when I have them all
But I will say this, the 2 settings changed my body fat by 6%


  1. I always scale, unless there is an actual need to quit for the day (illness, injury, etc.).

    Since you have switched from "full body" to more "athletic" workouts, are you fueling your body properly? Not just throughout the day, but before and after your workout? I've noticed that can make a huge difference. Personally, an hour prior to working out, I like a whey protein shake (faster metabolising than say casein), and about 20 minutes I start drinking an energy drink (something similar to: http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/opt/essential-amino-energy.html). I find that full meals anywhere in the hour before can actually hinder a workout, so it's really about timing (call it "eating efficiently"). Then some more whey protein or a yummy meat filled meal after.

    But it matters what works for you :)

  2. "the woman" agrees with you 100%
    should I call myself Irene?