MRI & Pain

I got my MRI results back
Small tear and moderate amount of tendonopathy in 3 of the 4 rotator cuff muscles
Currently I am doing PT
Stretching and strength movements for now
I need to be doing some work on the shoulder 3-4 times

I am working to switch my medical care from the VA to my primary care physician thru my work insurance
What I didn't think about ahead of time, is that I am on a high deductible insurance plan
Normally, the VA gives me care and then sends payment requests to my insurance
This means I make it thru my $2500 deductible quickly
Since I have not gone to the VA yet this year, when she prescribed new meds, it means I had to out of pocket for them
Can you say OUCH!!

I have to check with work to see what can be reimbursed
As far as I know, I might only be able to use my HSA, savings account
This is my money that gets pulled pre-tax
Bad part about using that, is unlike FLEX, it carries over from 1 year to the next
It is a lot like an IRA or 401k so it earns interest
Will have to decide on whether to try to use it or try to just afford it and save the fund for anything serious
Unlike FLEX, I don't have to show receipts to pull money, just have them if I am ever audited

I am feeling fat
My clothes feel tight
I just am having a hard time getting the energy/drive to make changes
I know my shoulder is having a large part in the problem
It is draining and discouraging

Elsolel and her mom are making some changes so hopefully that helps me get my act together
It is hard to help someone else and not do anything yourself

Work is going to be intense and busy for the next month
If I am going to make changes, I really need to make sure I have stuff planned and done ahead of time so I am not just "finding" food
"Finding" food means grabbing on the fly and is almost always is bad for me


New Year 2013

It hasn't been a full year since I started this blog
It has been a full year since I started working on my life improvements
I was making good progress, got paused for mental reason, got restarted and then stopped

I have been keeping decent control of my A1c
I have been dealing with stress with food
I have regained size in my waist and weight
I stopped doing pictures
I stopped trying to be paleo

In the last of 2012 I had to deal with a lot of dental issues
In the last 1/2 of 2012 I started having issues with my shoulder that got worse and got diagnosed as a torn rotator cuff

During 2012 I finished Rugged Maniac Mud Run
I made progress on my blacksmithing and got a propane forge
I worked with a friend in their garage and have made more items for doing demonstrations
I made a lot of progress in knowledge and experience at my job
I started dating a wonderful woman that has made my life better
I had to deal with my fathers death
I got involved with a fun fan group

I made and lost progress towards my goals
I had successes and failures

This year
Once I find out about my shoulder I will be doing what it takes to get it fixed
I will be doing dental to finish the preventative and what repair I can complete
I will be talking to my local doctor about switching my care from the VA to her since she is closer and easier to get to
I will be making progress on the house by clearing out the main floor and getting it cleaned up and maintained
I will be deciding on what events I want to support and go to, whether conventions, rendezvous, volunteer or just vacation time
I will be making changes and improvements in my finances
I will continue to post what I am thinking and feeling

To those that read me Thank You