5 Weeks After

It has been 5 weeks since I did my GoRuck.
I took some time off working out hard after the event to recover.
My elbows scabbed up good and finally healed but left discoloration that may be scars.

Some really good news for all the training.
My A1c was down to 6.3.
Lowest it has ever been.
Right at the border for a normal person.
I think due to the time off from working out, it will go back up but not badly.

It was hard to get back into the groove of going to the gym after taking some time off.
This has ALWAYS been my problem if I stop going.

Part of not going were things like going out of town for 5 days and a 4 day working staycation.

One of the things I did after finishing my ruck was to order a GR1 from GoRuck.
It is designed to be used for rucking and daily use.
It has a "bomb proof" pocket for laptops that works well for carrying a ruck plate.

I have used it without the plate a couple of times with just my 3 liter hydration bag.
Elsolel and I used it on a 5k walking event.
I used it to carry clothes and stuff on our vacation.
I figure I will use it for daily use and for transporting my laptop to and from work.

Well yesterday I finally got back into the gym.
Wore my ruck to the gym with my 20lb plate in it.

30 min on treadmill with avg 4% incline
100 air squats with pack on
100 flutter kicks while benching my pack
100 pull overs with pack between flutter kick sets
Farmers carry 3 laps of gym with 35lb kettle bells

Had one guy come up to me as he was leaving and give me a high five
"I like the way you are working out dude. Keep it up."
Made me feel good
He had been doing some serious body weight stuff himself.

Legs are a bit sore and I feel like I have to be careful on stairs.
Like my legs might give out.
Was worse last night but doing a bit better today.

Plan on going back to the gym on Sunday morning.
Some of the same workout items but figure I will change it out some.
Might check out the Jacobs Ladder, it seems kind of like a bear crawl.

Does anyone have any other ideas for body weight or stuff with my pack?

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