Real Plans Recipe - Overnight Onion Sausage Kale Soup

This recipe is based on what you have to do for French Onion Soup.
I didn't realize I needed way more onions for that so just modified what I was doing to make this.

By cooking the onions overnight in crock pot you get an extremely deep brown color and very rich flavor and they don't burn.

Cook for:    2
Original Servings:  2
Active Time:  20 m
Total Time:  40 m
Fixed Servings:  No


2 pounds sweet onion
1 pound Spicy sausage
4 cups kale, diced or minced
1 tablespoon beef, bullion
garlic powder, to taste
sea salt and ground black pepper, to taste

How To Prepare

1 Brown sausage, drain, and store overnight in refrigerator
2 Dice onion
3 Put onion in crock pot with beef bullion, and a little bit of salt, pepper, and garlic powder
4 Cover with water
5 Let cook overnight
6 Next morning add the cooked sausage
7 Add water to cover
8 Let cook rest of day
9 When you get home from work, add chopped/diced kale to crock pot and turn up to high
10 Add water to cover
11 After 15-20 minutes check for flavor and add final spices

Notes : I buy frozen chopped kale from Woodstock and my local organic store. It comes in 3lb bag and works well.


Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Diet Type: Traditional, Paleo
Course: Entree/Main Course
Main Ingredient: Pork
Tags: Slow Cooker/Crock Pot
Cuisine: American
Dish Type: Soup/Salad

Timeline Instructions: Add onions to crock pot for Overnight Onion Sausage Kale Soup (4) Cook sausage and store for Overnight Onion Sausage Kale Soup (4) Add cooked sausage to crock pot for Overnight Onion Sausage Kale Soup (2)

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