Real Plans Recipe - Hamburger Sausage Sweet Potato Kale Soup

An experiment that worked well for me.

Servings:  4
Active Time:  10 m
Total Time:  30 m
Fixed Servings:  No


1 1/2 pounds hamburger
1 pound hot sausage
1 lg onion, (diced)
2 sweet potatoes, (cubed)
2 cups chopped kale
2 teaspoons beef, bullion
garlic powder, to taste
chipotle pepper, )
sea salt, to taste
ground pepper, to taste
liquid smoke, to taste (optional)


Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Diet Type: Traditional, Paleo, Primal
Course: Soup
Main Ingredient: Beef
Cuisine: American
Dish Type: Soup/Salad

How To Prepare

1 Prep
2 Dice onion
3 Cube sweet potatoes
4 In a 5 Qt pot
5 Cook burger and sausage meat.
6 Add onions while cooking.
7 Add garlic, salt, pepper and smoke (optional)
8 Drain meat and hold for now.
9 Put in 4-6 cups water (I started with 4 then added some to cover)
10 Add beef bullion.
11 Add sweet potatoes and cook 10 minutes and then add meat back in.
12 Simmer 5 minutes then add kale.
13 Simmer 5 more minutes.
14 Final spicing to taste.

Notes : The chopped kale is small and cooks fast, even the stems. Larger pieces might take longer to cook.

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