Recovery & Discovery

 Finished the Rugged Maniac

I did not skip any obstacle
Crawling thru the mud
Fire Jump
(burn ban so this was all they could do)
I was passed on multiple obstacles
Some were skipping it and some just did it faster
Of all the people that did it and got a time I took the longest
I have mixed feelings about it
I am not happy that it took so long or that it kicked my butt so badly
I am proud of myself that I proved that a fat 47 year old Marine could still do it
It took me time but I beat the course
Next year I do better


I did learn some things from the event
Things I need to change in my training
My legs got absolutely fried from the hills
I had issues catching my breath and had to pause on hills when my legs were giving out
I have decided to do more HIIT training
I need to really work on endurance
I think it will help fat loss in the long run also
I have been watching the Crossfit Games and plan on doing more searching on their site
My gym doesn't have the right set up to really do full cross fit workouts but I can definitely convert some of them

This morning was something like a thruster, pull downs and toes to trx for time
21/15/9 reps, used dumb bells for the thruesters
Pulldowns instead of pull ups since I can't do those and the assist machine was being used
Can't do full hanging toe to bar so was doing the TRX version by laying on my back and bringing my tows overhead to the TRX (this actually gets me past my head)
Kept track of the time since I am figure I will be improving over time

Now to get my diet under control
Curb cravings
Get better control over impulse eating
Make and plan out meals so I have stuff there when I need it
Cook and save stuff for work
Work out meals that are better and healthier

Heading to my last outdoor event in a week and a half
2 days of doing kid demos then 2 days of public days
Blacksmithing for the fun of it
Have to redo my demo spiel a bit

Spent a couple hours with Elsolel going thry my closet
Any shirt that had a stain, was too short or too small was put in a bin
She took them and will go thru them herself
We didn't think of it before but she might be able to use some for work
At least back up shirts

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