Had a good talk with Elsolel
Went over things that are better for me to eat
She thinks that it would work well for her to help with it
She feels like she was enabling me in doing bad things
Those were still my choices tho so it is on me too

She came down to visit this week and brought stuff for supper
Kept some of the things I mentioned in mind so it was good
We are going to work on being better for meals
Not going out as much
If we go out Sat evening, like with the kids, we won't go out on Sunday or vice versa

Legs feel fried from workout Monday
Wednesday workout was primarily arms and abs
Friday, tomorrow, will be burpees and ab work
Hopefully after a couple weeks of doing HIIT leg work my legs will start feeling better

I got the P90X program from a friend that can't do it
His knees just won't let him do it
I am hoping that when my gym gets done with its improvement project there will be space to do it
From what I understand, they will have a monitor and DVD set up that we are supposed to be able to use
If all goes according to the plan I was told about anyway

1 week from today I will be in the late 1800s doing my black smithing for demo
I won't have as much product made as I hoped but I will have a good new set up
I will have a bench set up that has my anvil on one said and a vise on the other
I have a lot of stock this year so figure I will be doing stuff while I am there
Lots of S Hooks for sure
Have to build some sort of stock holder/frame device to hold all the stock off the ground and better organized
Looking forward the the long weekend

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