FRAK I feel scared now
That mud run scares me

I keep thinking I want to make a t-shirt
Made up my designs


I have added running to workout
Walk and jog alternating
My left leg is really feeling it
I have to do more stretching
Left calf/achilles really feels tight
Left hamstring feels really tight
Cramps up tight every once in a while

Lifting going well
Alternating every couple of weeks
3x6 or 4x12/15
Added more ab workout and twisting movements

Diet has sucked
Just haven't had the drive to do what I need to do
Taking short cuts
Frustrated with myself
Circling the toilet of emotion
Do something wrong then feel bad and don't care

Finally got my propane forge
Going over to a friends place to do some pounding
Think that is going to really feel good
I usually feel a lot better after making stuff

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