T-shirt done
Didn't come out as well as I would have liked but then again it is going into a mud run
I have been asked, I am doing the Rugged Maniac
Here is what they will look like

I have to leave early Saturday to get there
Friday I need to drive up to Blaine to get my racers packet
I could wait until Saturday but really don't want to stand in that line before race
Taking up water to wash off after the run (walk really)
Need to make sure to have some food since I am not really sure of what I will find

Got my forge up and running last weekend
Made up a few things to test how everything worked
Worked with friend and showed him some basics
Neighbor came over and asked if I would do demos for some Girl Scouts and possibly some Boy Scouts
Might even be able to arrange more demos
Have to see if I can get some pay to at least cover expenses or just have them provide supplies

Going down to Big Island in October
Not sure what I will be doing for sure yet but do plan on blacksmithing

I have found that when I blacksmith and make things I feel better about myself
I am thinking that by doing stuff during the winter it will help me thru
Making stuff I can sell could also be nice for a little extra cash

I have never been able to keep going on any program of eating, working out or even cleaning
I started this out at the beginning of the year
I have managed to keep the workouts going fairly well
Missed a few here and there but have been good

Where I am having issues is food and cleaning
I make good progress for a while then motivation falls off
I wish I knew why
I really do
I need to get more done for cleaning the house
I need to get more on track with my eating
I was really good for months and started making very visible changes then just lost it
I could see progress but just lost motivation
I get frustrated when I do stupid stuff
When I get frustrated I lose more motivation

I need to get better about just doing small things to make progress
Fold laundry while watching TV
Go thru small stacks of stuff when I have spare time instead of playing a game
Take the time to keep areas already cleaned in good shape
Make plans for meals instead of trying to figure stuff out at the last minute

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