Doubt or Fear or Really Not Ready???

I signed up for the Blitzen's Revenge event with Op23ToZero.

I knew it was going to be harder than the GoRuck Light I did.

I was doing ok with training but I fell off the wagon.
I don't know why.
It snowed, I was recovering from my last long event, concern about shoes for the event, and a list of other excuses.

I have had issues every year trying to keep motivated and working out during the winter.
I am struggling again this year.
When I do make it in, I am having a problem pushing myself.
I am not quitting but I am not going 100%.

I made that commitment to do my daily affirmation.
One of those is that I will live in the present.
This event is in the future but it is causing me stress and worry.
Stress and worry is not something that is staying in the present.

But is it right that I am concerned? Stressed? Worried?

This is supposed to be a fun event.
What some see as fun is maybe beyond my max.

Am I going to be good enough to do this?

Do I go to the event and become a burden, a drag, like I did at the GoRuck Light.

Do I go?

#DFQ ???


  1. You should go, you aren't a burden, and it will be a goal for you. Trust me, I know goals are hard. But, this is something that you can view as a benchmark, instead of a do or die thing. Winter is hard on all us Northerners; the want to hibernate is high on the list. I'm struggling, too. Sometimes, ya have to celebrate the small stuff. Like me, I just do light exercises at work, when I'm not on a call. I look stupid, but I don't care, it is what I can do for now. You've come a long ways. I see it. A cold run is harder to prepare for, but it's still worthy. And you are worthy.

  2. I think you should go to the event. Your DFQ, my just keep swimming. Keep working on it. If you do decide you're not properly prepared for the walk, do what we did when the ruck last year happened and the roads were so bad that we saw 3 accidents in as many miles. Do it on the treadmill.