February 2012

I took pictures again in Feb
I didn't really see a lot of change but I did see some
I still hated seeing myself in the picture

I had made the comment to someone that I would rather be in public without anything on below the waist than to take my t-shirt off and show my fat stomach

I struggled with meals
I was throwing away food
I would buy stuff and then not use it because I had no plans for it
I wasn't working out at the gym but I started doing what they call Greasing the Groove.
I bought a couple kettlebells to do this

I knew I had made a few changes when I went to Albert Lea for an living history event and my belt fit better than it had at the end of summer, the last time I had it on

I was still struggling with my body image
I felt disgusting and it affected how I looked on the world

I had good days and bad days
I made special effort to not have nothing days
I tried to be conscientious of every day and not let them just blur

I had a doctor appointment mid month
I had stopped taking my Atorvistatin and Gemfibrozil
Atorvistatin (Lipitor) is mostly for cholesterol
Gemfibrozil (Lopid) is mostly for triglycerides
My doctor appointment went fairly well
My A1c was down but my triglycerides sky-rocketed to almost 1900
My LDL & HDL were still in the 20s tho
I went back on my Gemfibrozil and didn't restart the Atorvistatin

At the end of the month I went to Hawaii for my sons wedding
I ate a lot but I tried to keep paleo in mind
I had lots of meat, eggs, vegetables and fruit
I avoided all the breads, pastas, pastries and junk
I did eat some rice but kept it down to minimal portions

It was a good month overall

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