2 weeks or 3 months

I am starting this 3 months after I started changing my diet
I will try to go back and post about the start

Basic Info
I started changing my diet to based on Paleo
I thought I was going to go strict but that wasn't working
I started out by just doing food changes but realized it wasn't working without workout
I have been paying for a gym membership for years but just wasn't going
I am diabetic, take high blood pressure meds and have very low HDL and very high Triglycerides

Current status 20120329:
My A1c down to 7.2 down from 7.7 20120216
Triglycerides down to 786 from 1896 20120216
HDL still low at 30
Weight at VA down but I am not going to post any weight because that isn't the point

Recent changes:
Started going to gym 20120314
Been going each M\W\F
Working with a trainer on Wed
Started using organic ranch and french dressing with my spinach salads

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