January 2012

I made the decision to make changes at the end of 2011
I was the heaviest I had been in years
My A1c was above 12
My triglycerides were above 1000
I was getting to the point where I needed to get new clothes because things were tight

I had started a journey of self searching
To determine what was truly and really important to me
To remove things that didn't make me happy or better
To add things that did make me happy and better

I decided to go back to paleo
I knew that it would help me
I also knew that I couldn't be 100% strict
That hadn't worked before and I knew that I needed to remove the possibility of excuses

I started logging my food intake
I started to buy better food product to work with
I started to think ahead and plan for meals

I took the biggest step I had ever done before
I took pictures of myself in just my underwear
Not only did I do that but I posted them to a private group I belong to as a way of being accountable
I also used MSPaint to edit the pictures by painting my edges so that I didn't have any bulges or overhang
This helped in visualization of me without all the fat

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