Pieces of progress

My insulin pump came in last Monday
I went in to get fitted today
I am hoping it will help me keep my sugars under even better control
I have been keeping my A1c in the 7s but I still have to take a lot of insulin when I take it
Or I have to take it more often to be more effective
Now I will be taking it a lot more often and should have my dawn phenomenon covered

Have paperwork now to order a CGM (Constant Glucose Monitor)
It sticks to me like the pump connection and registers blood sugars all day
Still have to stick finger but that is just to compare and validate
What it is good for is to compare to all the other data from pump and stuff to help get even better contol

Need to get back to the gym
I have been doing a little at home but not enough really
I had a good system for a while but just let myself go on it

Got some cleaning done at the house at the end of last week
Have to get the chair out and a new (used) loveseat in there
Will see when I can get that done

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