Is It a Strength or a Weakness???

My work had us take the Strengths Finder 2.0 test online
Once we took it, we were to look at our strengths and see how it could affect us, our coworkers and how we did our work

1 Strategic - See patterns and make plans to work with those
2 Adaptability - Handle situations well and "go with the flow"
3 Learner - Always striving to know and learn new things
4 Ideation - Like ideas, find connections in data points
5 Intellection - Introspective, contemplation and designing plans

As strengths, I am very powerful in an IT area as a go to person for issues
I am able to think outside the box around issues
I am able to think of new ways to do things and am not limited to "we have always done it this way", in fact I don't like that as an reason
I am very good at handling crisis situations since I have probably already gamed it out and pre-planned out strategies to resolve it
I am extremely good at troubleshooting and developing a resolution by either combining various data points with experience or noticing patterns that most can't see without them being pointed out

Those same strengths as weaknesses
One thing that was pointed out while looking at these
Almost all of them are intellectual and none are active
The other thing was that day to day repetitive type stuff will bore me and make me not want to do it

What does this mean?
It might help me explain why I have problems keeping going with things I need to do with me life
I am bad about logging my foods/insulin
I am bad about planning, shopping and keeping up with food choices so I tend to just fall back to easy quick crap
I am bad about keeping up with house maintenance and bills

So what do I do about this?
These strengths are awesome in my job
These strengths seem to be weaknesses in my personal life
In keeping myself going on fitness and healthy eating

I find I do better when I have someone around to push me or give me motivotion to follow
So how do I do this for myself?
How do I develop the mental discipline to stay on the path?

And the answer is......................................................................

I don't know

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  1. I wish I was more able to push you to do things. But I am more of a follower than a leader, so tend to not push.