This weekend I made some food choices that wern't the best choices I could have made

I had been craving some foods
I ignore cravings normally
I can just skip by them in most cases but if they have been hitting me for a while I will sometimes just go for it
I went ahead and made the choice to eat stuff that I knew wouldn't be good for me

I felt like absolute crap this morning
I kept having excuses run thru my mind this morning
Reasons I could avoid going to the gym
Running Late/Feel Bad/Work Issues/Tired and Sore/Rest up for trainer on Wednesday
The general phrase for these mental gymnastics is called "Fuckits"

When feeling Fuckits you have 2 choices
Accept the feeling or Work thru it
This morning I went ahead and worked thru it

I went to the gym
I had already changed up my workout in my workout book
Today, knowing I was behind anyway, I knew I had less time to work
So, I used lighter weights, kept the reps and took out the rests
I got pissed and I pushed it as hard as I could
Finished 10 min faster, exhausted but not as muscle tired as normal

On a different note
I have found that using protein powder with some glutamine help with recovery and DOMS
I take a bottle with the powder and add water at the end of the workout

4 farm eggs
4 slices of farm bacon
several cups (uncooked) of sauteed spinach
1 medium organic tomato

I love eating healthy

I have to call doctor
Almost out of Asparte and don't have more until Apr 17
Not sure I will make it
Using less but still need it to keep sugars down

Looking to open a spreadshirt shop
I have made a couple inspirational picture things
People like them
Might be able to sell them
Would be nice if I could

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