Lots of new and lots of same old

It has been 6 weeks since my last post.

New stuff.

My brother had an older Garmin, a Forerunner 15 that he didn't need.
He gave it to me and I am working it into my daily stuff instead of my Fitbit.

I got news of a new GoRuck event, Constellation.
It is in August and I would really like to do it.
Just have to come up with the money.

I am still trying to get onto a Ragnar team.
I volunteered to be captain of the Team RWB team if we can get enough.
Might have to go outside of the twin cities area.

The Op23ToZero 23 Hour event won't be until July so plan on doing the FANS 24 hour event in early June.
Just have to come up with the money for it too.

I had several doctor appointments.
One with a diabetic educator and one with a dietician that was also a diabetic educator.

The diabetic educator said something that I am still processing.

My A1c is 7.0.
Which is not too bad.
But she mentioned something about quality of A1c.

How my insulin works is that as I injest carbs, I have to take extra insulin to allow it to be processed.
My current ratio is 8 carbs = 1 unit, which is very low as many can take 1 unit for as much as 20 carbs.

To maintain my A1c, I have my basal, which is my base insulin that keeps body functions and is effecively my BMR.
Then as I eat, I take insulin to counter the carbs.
But, if I eat 160 carbs in a day I have to take 20 units of insulin.
But those 160 carbs relate directly to 640 calories that will turn to fat if I don't do something to burn thru them.
If I only ate 80 carbs, I would take 10 units.
Both would keep me at my base with my ratio but by only taking in 80, I also limit the calories.
Carbs are also related to triglycerides, which I have a problem with.

Now, it would logically follow that I should just not take any carbs in.
That is close to what the Ketogenic diet does.
But, a ketogenic diet, will put my kidneys in danger since I already have history with my kidneys.

So, I really need to limit my carbs but not to the point of keto.
I can do a little bit of it but too much could cause my kidneys to shut down or be damaged.
I am going to do my best to do more true paleo.
I did it before but just stopped doing it.
Why, I don't know.
I just got lazy, didn't follow thru, or self sabotaged myself.
Something I am trying to figure out.

165 units
1 unit per 8 grams
8 grams x 4 calorie per gram = 32 calories
165 units x 32 calories = 5280 calories
5280 calories / 3500 calories per pound
1 complete insulin fill = 1.51 lbs of weight gain if I don't exercise
I should be changing out my pump site every 3 days or so.
I don't need to use all the insulin tho.

The dietician was really cool.
She really didn't say anything about how I do stuff, since different stuff works for different people.
She did agree however, that paleo would be good.

She did say that she has no issue with me eating protein, lean anyway.
If it is good stuff, like grass fed, then I can have higher fat.

She did look at my BMR and said that if I ate well, AND EXERCISED, I should be good.
Less carbs would really help my triglycerides.

Got a FB reminder of the following quote.
I really like it and need to keep it in mind.
“Everything you do in life, I don’t care, good or bad – don’t blame God, don’t blame the devil, don’t blame me, blame you.
You control everything!
The thoughts you think, the words you utter, the foods you eat, the exercise you do.
Everything is controlled by you.”
- Jack Lalanne

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I got in my banners and dog tags for my Buddy Check 22K.
Pics after the Apr 22 event.
Also have to figure how to attach one of the banners to my pack.


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