2017 - The First Month

1 month into 2017.
I weighed myself.
I am as heavy as I was last April.
December was bad for me.
I am sure my diabetes numbers went up too.
I am not happy with it but it is what it is.

The good news is that while I might be heavier, I am still in much better physical shape and condition than I was in April 2016.
In the last week or so, I have done 2 5ks, 1 10k, and a 22k.
The 22k was with a light ruck.
The 10k was no ruck but at speed, took 2hr 6min to complete and only 1 blister on the side of my foot from new shoes I think.
Other than some minor stiffness, I was not incapaciated with DOMS or injury.

I signed up for Charity Challenge 1000 Mile event.
I am on pace to make over 700 but not on pace for the 1000 at this point.
I have multiple long events scheduled this year but definitely need to keep on top of this if I am going to make 1000 miles.

Bunch of new medals for my challenge bar.
1 more in the mail.
While the medals don't excite me for the bling itself, they do help give me a tangible and visible reference to the amount of work that I am putting in, even if I don't have the results I want.

Aloha Friday 5k Challenge 20170106
Aloha Friday 5k Challenge 20170113
Aloha Friday 5k Challenge 20170120
Buddy Check 22K Jan 2017 20170122
Aloha Friday 5k Challenge 20170127
Remember the Fallen 10k 20170128 -- (virtual with my brother)
Doc Michael Gehrz Mem Ruck 20170211 ??
Nearly Naked Ruck March 20170225 ??
Boots for the 20 3-7 20170403
Buddy Check 22K Apr 2017 20170422
Memorial Ruck 20170529
23 Hour To Stop Suicide 20170603 -- still waiting on final confirmation
FANS 24 Hour Ultra 20170603 -- IF THE 23 HOUR TO STOP SUICIDE doesn't go or changes dates
24 Hour Eagle Up Ultra 20170624
GoRuck Light 20170701
Buddy Check 22K Jul 2017 20170722
Carry the Fallen Ruck 20170918 -- ?? Still waiting on confirmation
Buddy Check 22K Oct 2017 20170822

I am really excited for an event I just created.
Dec 2 I am going to have a big party at a local hotel to celebrate my 30 years cancer free.
I have rented out the atrium poolside and have a room by it.
Food, beverage, and fun are my plan.
People can even get in on a group room plan if they want to stay fairly cheaply.
So far I have a few people saying they can go so I really hope more can join me.


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