Changes and Random Thoughts


So you might have noticed I changed out my logo.
I decided I wanted to add stuff to it and also decided that NO OBSTACLE wasn't really what I wanted to say.

NO EXCUSES - means I won't use stupid, inaccurate, lying, cheating EXCUSES to not do something.
I might have a valid reason to not finish a race for example, like blisters I can't walk on or medical, but I won't accept any excuses.

NO QUITTING - means I won't just quit. I will go until I am stopped but I won't give up without giving it everything I have.
So far I am not doing any events where they can drop me for cause so it is my choice to keep going.

NO REGRETS - means I don't want to be thining 10 years from now, I wish I had done that race or event.
I have heard it said, you have more regrets from NOT doing something than you ever have from doing something you know is right.

So, I have been making changes to my pack to make it fit me better.
I am a big guy and when the pack is only 12" wide, it means that the straps have to wrap around me quite a bit.
I attached a "battle belt" to the back of the pack with rings and then built straps to connect to the front of the "battle belt".
The front of it is still near my side but that is much better for me for comfort.
I can walk for a while now without losing the feeling in my hands.
My next event will be the 3 Legion Ruck on Nov 12.
An interesting write up about the event.

A new event got created that sounds a lot like a GoRuck.
It is scheduled for Dec 17, called Blitzen's Revenge.
Veterans can do it for free and others can do it for $40.
It will be in support of Strong Compass and Operation: 23 to Zero.
10 mile ruck with exercises.
It is a TEAM event so as long as you #DFQ, they will help get you thru it.
I need better winter gear for it if I am going to do it tho.

I finished my next virtual race with Yes.Fit.
Route 66 is done, a 66 mile run.
My next one is Pacific Coast Highway, 113 mile event.

So I was thinking while walking that I could do better if I wasn't fat.
Then I thought about it more.

I AM NOT FAT!!!!!!!!!!

I have too much fat on me but I AM NOT FAT.

I am a man.
I am 51 years old.
I am about 5' 9".

I have too much fat on me but I AM NOT FAT.

FAT doesn't describe what I am, it describes an aspect of me.


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