1 Year Makes So Much Difference

Last year I did the 3 Legion Ruck.
I had been training but I still had serious issues
I had to take short catch up rides and really struggled.
I basically gave up working out after this event until I started going again in April this year.

This year I was still slower than the majority of the group but I was able to basically finish.
I had to take a shuttle for last .4 miles due to being pulled by medic when my numbers started going low.
I had an orange and felt I could continue but the medic decided I should just take the shuttle to the end and rest there.
I literally was the last one on the course at this point by the time we were done checking numbers.
I wish I could have finished but there was a timing issue with the other group that I needed to be there by a certain time and I might not have made it in time.

Part of my delay was also being interviewed by the newspaper.
They asked some questions and got some pictures.
I am hoping I make it in because that would be really cool.
Here is a video they released about the event.
I am in it, as such, but only my back but you can recognize me by my pack.

I was asked multiple times about the chain I had on the back of my pack.

I felt the chain helped represent the chains that veterans with PTSD suffer from.
I am going to leave it on there for now as a way to get a conversation opener.

The pack worked a LOT better with the changes I made.
Still need a little bit of tweaking but overall it is much easier to wear and carry stuff.
And I realized with the changes I did, I can wear it over a coat or heavy gear if needed.

Today, I am a little sore, especially my calves, but I am NOT feeling crippled like I was after events earlier this year.
I got to talk to someone during the walk and I was very pleased to realize he read my blog because I respect him a lot.
He made a comment that he appreciated the end of my last blog, the part where I said I wasn't fat, I have fat but I am not defined as fat.
We talked about my journey to health and how I felt.
I am stronger, fitter, better healthy test results, able to do more, and recover faster.
I still have more to go but as long as I continue my journey I will succeed.

I decided I am going to do the Blitzen's Revenge event.
This is going to be harder than the GoRuck Light I did in July but not as hard as a GoRuck Tough.
Don't have normal winter boots but I am going to wear my Catskills mocs.
Heavy buffalo hide, I can mink oil them, wear wool socks, and should be good to go.
Will get some Yak Traks or something like that if I need more traction.
Need to make some wool pants for this.
Think I will get the viking pattern style and do those since I would use them for Viking events.

My 2017 is filling up with physical events.
I have a couple of cons but I plan on doing a lot more active events.

2017 Event Planning

Buddy Check 22K Jan 2017 20170122
Buddy Check 22K Apr 2017 20170422
Memorial Ruck 20170529
23 Hour To Stop Suicide 20170603  DATE????
24 Hour Eagle Up Ultra 20170624
GoRuck Light 20170701
Buddy Check 22K Jul 2017 20170722
Carry the Fallen Ruck 20170918
Buddy Check 22K Oct 2017 20170822


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