I went to the gym this morning to work out.
When I got there, I couldn't get in because the computer that controls the chip reader was down.

I told Elsolel I needed to go to the gym after work.
I finished at 4 today and at 4:40 I realized I was letting myself get distracted by other things and I hadn't gone yet.

Headed out to the gym.

Did a full hour on the treadmill which I haven't done in the morning recently because I had gotten out of the habit of being up early.
Then did some squats and farmer's carries.

Then I got to thinking about my progress.
Below are 2 pictures of workouts.

This one is from April 2016. 
One of my first workouts.

This is a picture of today's workout, Oct 2016.

The numbers in today's walk are a bit better, I don't feel as drained as I did then, and the biggest difference is that today's walk I was carrying a 32lb ruck.

I still have a long way to go as far as getting in shape but I think this is great proof to myself that

I have a 22k schedule for Oct 22 at Cleary Park.
I am honestly not worried about doing that distance.
For those that don't know, that is a bit more than a 1/2 marathon.

I just have to keep going.

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  1. You're awesome. And compared to where you were half a year ago... wow.