First One in the Books

Saturday, 20161022, I completed my Buddy Check 22K.
This was 22 kilometers, 4 loops around Cleary Park in Prior Lake.

I had 2 people that joined me, Elsolel and LaceMaker.
Both of them walked with me on the first loop.
Elsolel took the 2nd and 3rd loop to get food and do base station stuff to help support me.
LaceMaker was able to modify her plans and walk with me for those 2 loops.
LaceMaker had to go do some other stuff and Elsolel walked the last loop with me.
I was very near tears when Elsolel put the Stop 22 medal around my neck.

The first loop was actually my hardest.
I was wearing pants with a belt and I wasn't used to that.
It was causing pressure issues that I wasn't used to.
I also needed to use the bathroom.
I went before I left but got serious cramps during the loop and had no way to go.

The 2nd and 3rd loop weren't too bad.
We had lunch between those 2 so it helped to stop and get some food in me.
Had another snack after the 3rd before the 4th and final loop.
Soup worked well but want to maybe do some soup that isn't as heavy next time.
Home made chicken and rice might be really good.
Might have to carry warm thermos of chicken broth for the event in Jan.

Items to note for next events.

  • Find cold weather leg gear.
  • Get more of the black socks that worked best, both other white pairs had blister issues.
  • Look at changing underwear to reduce chafing.
  • Find good body glide type material to reduce chafing.
  • Work on getting waist belt for pack to help relieve pressure on shoulders.
  • Get more velcro on bag for more patches.

I have 4 more already scheduled and want to really try to make them bigger.
If anyone knows how to get race medals made or something like that it would be awesome.
Elsolel and I are thinking about an embroidery machine so could maybe make patches.
SUN JAN 22, 2017
SAT APR 22, 2017
SAT JUL 22, 2017
SUN OCT 22, 2017

Still waiting for the dates to be set for the 23 Hours to Stop Suicide event at Lutsen next year.
Depending on when they do it, it might only be 2 weeks before the Eagle Up Ultra.

Besides these, I think I have talked myself into driving down for the Eagle Up Ultra.
I have to carry a 22lb ruck for up to 24 hours, depending on what I can do.
The 2 goals I could hit are 50 km and 50 miles.
I am not sure I could hit the 100 km mark but if I make 50 miles and would have time to make it, I will try.
Now to figure out the money for this and get signed up by the end up November before the price goes up.

Need to get signed up to do the GoRuck Light on July 1st in St Paul.
In order to succeed at it, I will need to train a lot harder for the welcome party.
If I can come out of that not smoked, I will be good.
I want to, at a minimum, to carry my own weight during the event.
The first one, I had to have help even carrying my own weight, let alone, carrying the team weight.

I also plan on getting revenge on the Carry the Fallen White Bear Lake event.
I made mistakes and wasn't able to complete that one fully and want to go back and finish that.
After doing my Buddy Check 22K, I know I can do it.

Question for anyone still reading my blog, Do you know of any other sites like Yes.Fit that have virtual races but for longer distances, not just 5k/10k/13.1mi/26.2mi?
Looking for other race medals for longer type events.
Even some ultra runs that have equivalent virtual distances that I can complete as I can.


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