Challenge Finished Next Already Started

Today was a good day in several ways.
I finished my Virtual Race from Yes.Fit.
I had been doing the Viking Conquest challenge.
Finished it at the gym this morning.
65.3 miles on that one.

My next one is Route 66 and is actually 66 miles.
Next weekend I am going to get a good boost to it because I am doing my Buddy Check 22k at Cleary Park in Prior Lake.

I am publicly making a goal of finishing this by Nov 11.
I want to be done in time for the 3 Legion Ruck on the 12th of Nov.
At that point I want to start the Pacific Coast Highway challenge.
That is 113.2 miles.

I am 65.57 into my Amerithon Challenge.
My team, 3 of us so far signed up, is at 155.97.

Tuesday I really wasn't feeling to energetic in the evening and felt I needed to take Wednesday off.
I got over 9 hours of sleep and felt a LOT better yesterday, both mentally and physically.
Today on the treadmill I decided to do a lower incline but push the speed.
I was fairly close to doing 3 miles in 1 hour at 2% incline.
I also had my pack on so was carrying 33lbs.
I did have to deal with a bit of cramping but it was manageable.

I also started using the Charity Miles App.
You start the app on your phone, choose a charity, and a portion of the corporate donations go to that charity.
It is really kind of cool to know that walking can also send money to a charity.

My work was awesome.
My boss told me good job instead of complaining when I was a little bit late back from the gym for work this morning.
Means a lot when they encourage you instead of complaining.
I am salary and expected to work late if needed so being a bit late isn't really a big deal and I didn't miss a meeting.
It is nice to have that environment to work in.

On FB for the last several weeks, I have started doing Positive Train Posts on Wednesday.
I pick some of my friends from my friends list and say something good about them and how they have influenced me or encouraged me.
I have yet to be able to post those 8 or 10 posts without getting emotional.
I truly believe that they are appreciated by those listed and hopefully make their life better.
I encourage you to try something like it.
Publicly or privately, if you want, tell them that they are appreciated.
You might be surprised how many agree with you if you do publicly post.
And to be honest, it feels good for me to do it and that is the great part.

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