A New LOW !!!

Just got some medical tests back.
For the first time in the history that I have available in MyChart, my triglycerides are below 200.
They should be below 150 but when they have been over 1200, this is awesome.

ComponentYour ValueStandard Range
CHOLESTEROL,TOTAL150 mg/dL100 - 199 mg/dL
TRIGLYCERIDES196 mg/dL<150 mg/dL
HDL CHOLESTEROL42 mg/dL>40 mg/dL
NON-HDL CHOLESTEROL108 mg/dl<145 mg/dl
CHOL/HDL RATIO3.57  <4.50
LDL CHOLESTEROL69 mg/dL<=130 mg/dL

As a comparison, this was my last results in March of this year.
ComponentYour ValueStandard Range
CHOLESTEROL,TOTAL194 mg/dL100 - 199 mg/dL
TRIGLYCERIDES745 mg/dL<150 mg/dL
HDL CHOLESTEROL30 mg/dL>40 mg/dL
NON-HDL CHOLESTEROL164 mg/dl<145 mg/dl
CHOL/HDL RATIO6.47  <4.50
Invalid LDL when Trig >400.

What am I doing?
I have been working out fairly regularly since April.
I have upped my fish oil Omega 3 to 4,000 units a day.
I try very hard to NOT use artificial fats, I use butter, olive oil, meat fats (bacon).

Excited to see what they will be next time.

My A1c went back up a bit but still under 7 so very controlled.
Rest of my bloodwork was great.
So, with my meds as they are, as long as I keep doing what I have been doing, I am a lot healthier than I have been in a while.
Still too much fat on me but as long as the rest of my numbers stay good, I can keep going.

Finally got back on the treadmill after my Buddy Check 22K.
I developed a blister on the side of my right heel.
It was kind of painful to do much walking on and I didn't want to aggravate it.
I also didn't want to pop it since it was right on the callous line and I was afraid it would break off and mess up my heel.

Debating on whether to set a distance goal or time goal on the treadmill.
I can set a mile or so goal or 30 minutes.
I think a lot depends on whether I want to do a lot of lifting or just a small amount.
I am not doing the 1 hour walk since I want to do some lifting every day, whether it is squat, bench, curls, etc.
I am doing some stomach work every day.

Need to figure out what to do for my legs on my Nov ruck.
I need to prevent myself from sweating so much I get cold.
I don't need a lot of warmth as such but don't want the cold.


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