No Change But That Is Good

I have been dealing with dental surgery and being sick.
This has really put a crimp into getting into the gym.

I finally got back in this week.
Weighed myself.
I am not too worried about it, just use it as a general guide.
I was the same as before my time off so hope that is a good thing.

Monday on the treadmill I found out that the ring on my hydration bladder wasn't all the way down.
Not something I knew to check.
It then leaked G2 into my pack while on the treadmill.

Got to the gym again on Wednesday but I was slow to get up so only got in a 30 min walk in.

Changed up my alarm to start getting up a bit earlier.
I tend to have a better day if I can take a little bit of time to wake up.
If I can wake up a bit slower I tend to be a bit more relaxed.

So I have 2 walks coming up.
Oct 22, looks like Operation 23 To Zero is doing an event.
Still looking for details on it.

Then November 12 Operation 23 To Zero is going the 3 Legion Ruck.
Last year we tried to go from Fairbault to Waseca.
We stopped at Morristown for lunch but only made it about 15 miles when we ran out of daylight for safety.
This year, they are starting 1 group from Fairbault and the other from Waseca with both meeting in Morristown.
Lunch and speakers at the VFW.
Let me know if you want to join us.

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