Elsolel and I are signed up to do the Warrior 196 5k event next weekend.
Next weekend is also the annual Carry the Fallen White Bear Lake ruck.
The CTF ruck is the one that kicked my butt last year.

So my conundrum is that I want to do both but they happen at the same time.

I want revenge on that course that beat me last year.
Please understand, I did ok, especially considering the training I had done.
But I didn't finish the entire thing on my own.
I had to get help with a ride between stops.

I want to go back and beat it.
I want to finish with my pack.
I want to stand tall and finish on my own.

But if I do that, then Elsolel can't do it with me.
Also, I paid to participate in the Warrior 196 and endorse what they are doing.

Have to keep thinking about that.

Also, for those that haven't seen me posting this before, I am doing the AFSP walk on Sept 18 with Elsolel.
Trying to raise money for that.

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