Disappointed and Satisfied Both

Well, it has been a bit over a week since MantiCon and Lady WestMarch's challenge.

I took the week leading up to the 23 hour race event a bit easy.
I wanted to make sure the blister was fully healed and I was dealing with back spasms.

After doing the event, I have decided I need a new patch for my hat; "Embrace The Suck".
Ordered from Amazon.

The 23 hour race event went well.
As well as it could after raining for the day before and during the entire event.
2"+ of running water on the mountain bike trails.
The snowmobile trail turned into a muddy bog that I could sink into up to mid calf.
Temps maintained about 50ยบ.

I had originally planned my target to reach 25 miles.
Once I got there, found out they were doing a 5 mile out & 5 mile back route.
I changed my goal to do 20 miles and then see.

After doing the first 10 miles, my back was really tweaking.
I took a 90 minute break and went back out for my 2nd loop.
I had modified the route, since I was in the running for any of the winner prizes.
I cut out the worst of the bog section and added mileage via the 1 section of road.
In total, it actually added a bit to the distance and I could do it without tweaking my back.
Serious hill but I did it.
Once I got to the rest stop, I decided to call it.
I knew I wasn't going to be able to make it back thru the off road area in the dark.

I am disappointed that I didn't make my goal.
I am very satisfied and proud of what I did do.
I have a goal for next year, to beat this year.

As for the matching negative and positive, I don't know that I really have a negative.

Now to train for the GoRuck Light July 2nd.