Well, still on that journey

I got into a "discussion" on a post on FB about BMI.

Someone was being extremely rude and confrontational and I finally had to bail on the conversation.

BMI, is a tool.
It is a tool created 160-180 years ago in Bavaria to analyze a population's weight versus height.

My comment was that any doctor that only used that and didn't actually analyze the person for actual health was lazy.
There are many factors to a persons health and BMI is not an actual accurate measure.
It is as accurate to a person as the actuary tables are for life insurance companies applied to a person at that moment and telling them they have to die because the chart says so.

While I know I am fat, I am no where near as fat as the BMI says I am.

Anyway, I am still fat.
My journey is so far from reaching health that sometimes I give up.
I don't actually stop doing things, I just quit trying hard.

I found something to scare me into working towards a goal.
In June, I am going to do a 23 hour 25 mile endurance race.
Operation 23 to Zero presents: 23 Hours to End Veteran Suicide Race
This will be a "race" for some but for me it will be a personal challenge.
Trail event for 25 miles that will have some racing to complete multiple laps and some teams going even further and faster.

I have been doing treadmill workouts since the weather hasn't been great, and while I will do the event in bad weather, training in crappy weather isn't conducive to sticking to it.
Either Saturday or Sunday is my LONG day or maybe a combination of both, but I did get permission to start at 8am for work so I will be going up to the gym to do a 1 hour circuit on the treadmill.
I set a speed 2.0 and start out and have the incline for the workout set to average 6.0%.
Monday I got the speed up to 2.5 right near the end since it was only a 1 hour workout.
Tomorrow morning I will do a high incline workout again.

I also need to get some flexibility work in to help prevent injuries.
That has been a serious issue for me so need to figure how to do that.

And all the other stuff I have going.

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  1. You're doing awesome! I can't even keep up.