2016 is here and 2015 is gone

I ended the year wearing some of the biggest clothes I have ever worn.
I had to go out and buy more clothes because my stuff didn't fit me.
My diabetes is under control and most of my other medical conditions are good.
Just my waist has grown that I need to wear size 52 pants.

I did some rucks this year.
First one I did with a heavy pack, wasn't able to carry it all or finish the entire distance but I did raise over $1k for Active Heroes.
Next one was supposed to be a 24 mile event that I only made 15 miles.
That one was a cold and windy day that I just got too sweaty (wrong jacket/clothes set up {now rectified} that I couldn't maintain heat and started to go hypothermic).

I made a lot of progress in getting control of my finances.
While I still have debt and mortgage, I am not behind for the first time going into a new year.
I leased a new Ford Fusion and feel really good about it.

Elsolel is helping me get the house under control.
I just need to keep the momentum on that.
I truly think that will help me in my eating and health issues by making me feel better and more motivated.
Looking at stuff needing to be done all the time just wears me down and takes away motivation to do anything.

My work wants me to drive in more this year.
I am not sure since there is no place for me to sit, as to why.
I am not on any team, no seating, and 3 hours a day on the road, just to get me there.
But, it is that or I look for another job which I don't want to do.
Who knows, another re-org and it could change again.

I am not going to bother with specific resolutions since those just set me up for failure if I "mis-step".
I know SMART goals and how to set those up but missing on something tends to make me stop trying.
I do have some general goals/tasks that I want to accomplish in 2016 tho.

One thing I know I need to do, in a VERY general description, is to lose fat.
The thing I need to do to accomplish this: believe I can and right now, I don't.

I make up lists, see how big they are, and instead of just picking 1 thing and doing it, I have the tendency of letting myself get overwhelmed.

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  1. It's very hard. Finding the strength to do stuff. To take care of everything that needs doing. HUGS