I seem to have to have a goal or external influence to help me.

I also seem to be passionate about veteran suicide.
Last year I did a walk for American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.
I will still do it again but this year I am going to concentrate on a different organization.

I will be working with Carry the Fallen and Active Heroes.

On September 12th I will be doing a 12 mile ruck for Carry the Fallen.

I will start out with 22 lbs in my pack, 1 pound for each veteran that commits suicide every day.
For every 22 dollars I raise, I will add 1 pound.
So if I raise $550 I will add 25 extra pounds for the 12 mile ruck.
If I raise my goal of $1100 I will carry an extra 50 pounds for 12 miles to raise money for veterans dealing with PTSD and suicidal thoughts.

I don't know what my top end weight limit will be for this but I will attempt to carry the weight for what I raise.

Veterans with PTSD don't get the choice of NOT carrying their weight.

My site for donations is
If you can't donate, please share this out.

I posted these pics before but I need to keep them in mind.

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  1. Goals are good. I think you're doing great with the obstacles you've had thrown at you.