I have kept my membership to the gym but haven't really gone at all.
I seem to have problems getting up, dressed and out to clean car off and warm it up enough to drive it.
I can't seem to get the motivation later in the day.
Not sure what I can do about that now.
Something I will have to figure out for next winter.

I read this on FB the other day.
It really hit me hard.
Still thinking on it.

This post has been a long time in coming as I have been thinking about this for a while. This may be kinda long. Some of this may appear to be bragging or gloating, but that is not my intent.

When I work out, attitude is everything. Everything I think about while working my body has an impact. On the first treadmill today, while walking and running, I could see my reflection in the dark TV screen (I listen to trance-like music so I don’t want the TV on) and I was reminded of my time in the military.

Okay, a flashback – they trained us hard with the hope that our training would help us get back from Vietnam. Fortunately for some of us it worked. By the time we came back each of us knew that we were invincible. If I wanted to stop you, you were stopped. If you wanted to get past me, you did so only with my permission. Our bodies were hard and strong and we were God damn mean. Most of us carried 80 pounds of stuff, every day, everywhere. Rain or shine, monsoon or summer. End of flashback.

I tell you all of this to show you how serious we were about survival. If you wanted to go back home you had to work for it and work damn hard.

Exact same way at the gym. Do you want to screw around or do you want to get in shape and improve the quality of your life? Your choice. But, attitude is everything.

Does the treadmill set your pace or do you set the pace and the treadmill’s job is to keep up? Yeah, I know, you punch in the speed you want to reach and the incline and perhaps the program you want to follow. Remember – attitude is everything!

The elliptical moves so you move too? No! You move and the elliptical must keep up with you. I try to keep my body fairly level without bobbing up and down or moving from side to side or backwards and forwards. Suspended, as it were, in space while my legs are pumping and my arms are punching and pulling. I use the pedals and levers mostly for balance so I can keep my eyes closed and I am focused on working my body.

My arms, chest, back, and legs are all getting harder and I am elated!

My only major disappointment has been my tummy. I know that eventually I will succeed at losing that ugly mess. But, I need to stay focused.

As I said earlier: attitude is everything.

A comment on that post.
I am NOT kind to myself.

I have been trying to be kinder to myself about my body, even including the things I'd like to change. That's my attitude adjustment.  No more insulting my own body! If I wouldn't want to hear someone else say it out loud to a friend of mine about their body, no saying it to myself about my own body!

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