Everyone Has A Terminal Disease

Everyone has a terminal disease, called time
Everyone is dying due to time
Some will die sooner and some later

I was watching the video made for Zach Sobiech
He was diagnosed with a rare cancer at 14
He passed on 5/20/2013

In the video they show a video of the song that became popular, "Clouds"
The comment was that they didn't make the video because he was dying but how he was living

I have always had a special love for the song Live Like You Were Dying by Tim McGraw
It was something that helped me thru when my father passed
He was living his life
He travelled, he volunteered, he helped others and he did what he could to make lives better
The greatest legacy he left is that many lives were made better by his life

It made me think, would someone make a video of my life?
Would anyone be willing to make a video of how I am living my life?
Am I living my life to it's fullest?
Am I inspirational?
Am I worthy?
Do I make others lives better by my life?

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  1. You make ME want to be a better person. Does that count?