New Year 2013

It hasn't been a full year since I started this blog
It has been a full year since I started working on my life improvements
I was making good progress, got paused for mental reason, got restarted and then stopped

I have been keeping decent control of my A1c
I have been dealing with stress with food
I have regained size in my waist and weight
I stopped doing pictures
I stopped trying to be paleo

In the last of 2012 I had to deal with a lot of dental issues
In the last 1/2 of 2012 I started having issues with my shoulder that got worse and got diagnosed as a torn rotator cuff

During 2012 I finished Rugged Maniac Mud Run
I made progress on my blacksmithing and got a propane forge
I worked with a friend in their garage and have made more items for doing demonstrations
I made a lot of progress in knowledge and experience at my job
I started dating a wonderful woman that has made my life better
I had to deal with my fathers death
I got involved with a fun fan group

I made and lost progress towards my goals
I had successes and failures

This year
Once I find out about my shoulder I will be doing what it takes to get it fixed
I will be doing dental to finish the preventative and what repair I can complete
I will be talking to my local doctor about switching my care from the VA to her since she is closer and easier to get to
I will be making progress on the house by clearing out the main floor and getting it cleaned up and maintained
I will be deciding on what events I want to support and go to, whether conventions, rendezvous, volunteer or just vacation time
I will be making changes and improvements in my finances
I will continue to post what I am thinking and feeling

To those that read me Thank You

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