Take a Chance

I want to clarify on my earlier post
It applies to all my posts really

This blog is here for me
It listens to me
It forces me to organize my thoughts
It makes me put them in some sort of order
Those thoughts and emotions are what I am having at that time
What I am dealing with

When I type them out and put them on here it is like someone taking the monster out of the closet and exposing it to the light of day
It is my way of acknowledging the bad feelings about myself
Acknowledging the emotions that I am dealing with at the time
It is a way to process thru them
Some can talk their emotions thru with a friend
Right now, I don't have that someone

Some hold them in and they will eventually cause harm to those people
Harm that has to be dealt with at a later time in order for them to move on and grow past the feelings/emotions

This is my way of dealing with emotions and feelings that are coming up wtih my journey and life right now
Of dealing with old emotions and feelings that become exposed by my journey of growth
Of exposing them to healing light

I have been told that this blog is motivational and inspirational to some
That also inspires me to write
If I am having feelings of past failure, current failure or worry about future failure, then I am sure someone else will, is or has felt the same thing
This is my way of paying forward the love and support I am getting by writing
If this helps you, inspires you, motivates you or even reminds you of what you dealt with and made it thru then hopefully at some point in the future you will be able to help, inspire, motivate or remind someone

No matter where you are in your life, you aren't alone
It might feel that way
You might believe that completely
You aren't alone
Sometimes it is hard to see that person that is there because you have your walls up
I did that for years
I hid behind walls, I existed, I wasn't living my life I was existing in my life

I am taking those walls down
I will live my life fuller than ever before
I will probably be hurt by someone in the future because of it
But I also might find and be loved deeper than I have ever been loved before
I am making that choice
I am taking that chance because the choice and I am WORTH IT

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  1. I am so proud of you. You can do this. We can do it. We already started the hardest part and that is beginning. Hugs